Work Authorization

Work authorization form


The undersigned expressly warrants and assures Authority Marine Propulsion, LLC, that he is the sole owner of the vessel, engine and/ or equipment set forth above and/ or is fully authorized and stands responsible for any and all services that are authorized and set forth above on this work order, states that he shall stand personally responsible for this contract and is obligated for the work to be performed and can agree that the undersigned understands all the terms of this work order and understands that it is also a binding contract subject to the following:

  1. Any and all non-warranty work- It is agreed that upon execution herein that fifty percent of all said non-warranty work will be paid upfront without exception. This requirement shall be in full force unless agreed to otherwise in writing. If there is work that is non-warranty work and is not covered and reimbursed under any warranty, I, the undersigned expressly agree to pay all vendor charges, freight, mileage, environmental fees, emergency response fee, and regular hourly fees billed for work on the vessel set forth above.
  2. The work that is set forth is expressly authorized to be done on the vessel set forth above. The undersigned will provide a qualified person to operate the vessel set forth above, on the waterways for the purpose of docking, testing, and/ or inspection.
  3. The undersigned gives permission for Authority Marine Propulsion, LLC to test run the vessel set forth above at the dock in stationary position.
  4. The undersigned understands and acknowledges expressly that upon work being performed and materials being supplied by Authority Marine Propulsion, LLC a mechanics lien will automatically attach on the vessel and/ or any part thereof to secure the amount of repairs thereto. The undersigned further acknowledges and understands that the work being performed and the service rendered to the vessel set forth above constitutes a preferred maritime lien against said vessel. By execution hereof the undersigned consents to the recording of such a lien with United States Coast Guard Documentation Office if I, the undersigned, do not pay and/ or satisfy Authority Marine Propulsion, LLC’s invoices upon presentation. Additionally I authorize the Federal Marshall’s office to remove my vessel to another location until all charges of Authority Marine Propulsion, LLC, including but not limited to the charges for the lien are fully satisfied.
  5. The undersigned agrees to pay all of Authority Marine Propulsion, LLC’s costs of collection, including but not limited to all attorney fees and court costs.
  6. No statement or affidavit stating that this work order is being signed “for warranty purposes only” will be valid nor will any addendum statements. This is without exception.
  7. Authority Marine Propulsion, LLC is not responsible for loss or damage to any articles left with the vessel or engine in case of fire, theft, or other cause outside of the control of Authority Marine Propulsion, LLC. The undersigned acknowledges without exception that any repair that is preformed outside of Old Bridge, New Jersey and the repairs that are not covered by a Warranty Agreement or rejected for payment, either wholly or partially, for warranty, the billing hours are charged for travel from shop to location of repair and return to the shop, including actual hours worked on the repair time, in and out of shop, and any hours expended assembling parts. If a request for part is made by the undersigned to be expressed delivered, the undersigned acknowledges that the undersigned will be responsible for any and all special handling and express freight charges. The undersigned further acknowledges that if a part is ordered for this repair and is not needed, the undersigned will be charged a restocking fee.
  8. The undersigned acknowledges that this Work Order is a legal contract and any facsimiles of this shall be the same as an original. The undersigned agrees that Authority Marine Propulsion, LLC does not hold thirty day accounts and payment in full is expected upon receipt of invoice billed. All billed invoices opened by the undersigned will be charged an additional 3 %, over total balance owed, if payment is not received prior to thirty days of dated invoice.

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